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Posted on 27 Jun. 19

Welcome aboard PetPipers!

As pet enthusiasts and care givers of our own furry children ourselves, we understand the needs of a pet parent and the pet, both. They are our spoilt little goofballs that fill our dull lives with tremendous joy and giving back to them by taking care of not just their funny habits but also their grooming, is our duty. From their diet to their walks and their sleep cycle to their play time, the right kind of grooming is an often neglected commodity. However, we are here, just for that! 🙂

When it comes to their grooming, giving first hand preference to their security and comfort is of utmost importance. We, at Pet Pipers, believe that when a pet is groomed in an environment that its the most comfortable in, it tends to be less anxious and nervous. Hence, for the love of their comfort, we offer doorstep grooming services, wherein the groomer grooms your dog in the comfort of your own house so as to, life is a little easier for both the pet parent and the pet. Our services are simple, qualitative and efficient; but at the same time, customisable, according to your pet’s needs. And, by pets, we not only mean dogs but also cater to cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds.

We bring our own tools to your door step to groom your pet and in return only demand a dedicated area to work in with a water outlet, a working plug point and your cooperation.
Understanding that grooming is a need and not a want is highly essential for a pet parent hence our expert groomers, execute personalised grooming in accordance to each breed’s needs. Oooh also, did we mention that the groomers sanitise the area used for grooming, before they leave? Yes, that’s right! Hence, you needn’t worry about anything at all!

Why PetPipers, if you may now ask:

1- Absolutely convenient and personalized: our services accommodate to your schedule.

2- No need to drive your pet all the way to a day-long-queued pet salons in rush hours and stress yourself and your little one.

3- There is no “separation anxiety” that your pet faces, as the pet doesn’t leave his / her house. Hence, grooming is much more enjoyable and stress free and something they’d look forward to, instead of running away from.

4- Your pet doesn’t have to be picked up and dropped by unknown people that they or you aren’t the most comfortable with, only to get groomed, rather they have their parents by their side which also lessens any anxiety your furry might face.

5- One of the most important reasons why you should choose to get your pet groomed at home is that your pet will never fall in the risk of coming in contact with any parasites or infections spread by other pets. The equipment used by our experts are sterile and safe to use on your pets.

6- Your dog will be groomed without being exposed to other temperamental pets, without being in a restricted space, getting cage dried and uncomfortable.

We try to provide the best services keeping in mind every need of a pet parent and their pets. Saving you a lot more time, travel and money; you call us and we will come right away!

For any queries that you might have, you can always contact us on our customer care at +919667814040 or shoot an email at

Hoping to see you and you pet very very soon!

We already love you,
Team PetPipers

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